The Blount Scholars Program is a selective, four-year, living and learning community at The University of Alabama featuring small, seminar-style classes, intensive interaction with faculty, and an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum leading to a minor in liberal arts.  The overall enrollment is approximately 380 students.  Blount is open to students of any major.

A Living Learning Community

Blount LLC

All first-year Blount students live in the Blount Living and Learning Center (LLC), a premier campus residence hall designed to integrate social and intellectual life. The Blount LLC was created intentionally for interaction between students. The LLC boasts suite-style rooms, classrooms on the first floor, and a computer lab on the fourth floor. As well as the LLC, Blount students also have access to two historic buildings on UA’s main quad, Oliver-Barnard Hall and Tuomey Hall. These contain additional classrooms, computer labs, and study space for the exclusive use of Blount students.  This integration provides Blount students with the atmosphere of a small liberal arts college in the midst of a major research university. If you want to learn more, read about our great buildings.

A Liberal Arts Minor

The Blount Scholars Program is centered on the Blount minor in liberal arts. Taken from the Latin, līberālis (befitting or worthy of a free person), the liberal arts are those subjects and skills that since classical antiquity have been considered essential for citizens to know in order to take an active part in civic life. Originally seven in number, in the contemporary university, the liberal arts comprise the disciplines in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, Arts, Mathematics, and Social Sciences.

The Blount minor aims to allow its students to approach these contemporary disciplines with a variety of perspectives.  It lends itself to the liberal arts by teaching Blount students how to critically think and write proficiently throughout these different disciplines.  Because the Blount Program leads to a minor, even students whose majors are in colleges outside the College of Arts & Sciences can participate in the program.

Blount, while rigorous, is not overly time-consuming. Blount students can easily participate in student organizations and honors societies at Alabama. Furthermore, all incoming members of the Blount Scholars Program are automatically a part of the Honors College, and the Blount minor satisfies all Honors College requirements.

For Any Major

Students in the Blount Scholars Program come from every college on campus. The structure of the Blount minor is completely manageable for any major, from engineering to graphic design. The quintessential Blount Student will have gained a greater perspective into the variety of different spheres of academia offered at The University of Alabama while simultaneously advancing their specific knowledge in their particular field.

Small Classes & Award-Winning Faculty

Who wants to be in a class with over 200 students in a giant lecture room? Not Blount Students! First-year Foundations seminars are capped at 15 students; elective and Capstone seminars in the sophomore, junior, and senior years are capped at 12 students. Additionally, Blount students, as members of the Honors College, enjoy priority registration. Blount courses are taught by award-winning faculty from disciplines across the University. Because of the small course size, Blount students work closely with their professors and receive individualized instruction.


Admission to the program is competitive. Any prospective first-year at the University of Alabama may apply on this website. Although we accept applications throughout the year as space in the entering class permits, students are encouraged to apply by January 1st for priority consideration.