Admission Reply Form

  • For those accepting the offer of admission, three other reminders:

    1. If you haven't already, you'll need to sign a housing contract at Since there's no option to choose the Blount dorm, simply specify the dorm you would have elected to live in had there been no Blount program, or if you hadn't gotten in (unthinkable eventualities, we know). Blount will inform Housing of its incoming students on May 1st and at that time they will be assigned to the Blount LLC.
    2. You must also register for one of the University's general orientation sessions (Bama Bound) at
    3. The Blount Scholars Program will conduct it's own orientation on Tuesday, August 22nd 2023 (the day before classes begin), so please reserve this date. You will receive additional orientation information from us later in the spring.