Question: Take a hundred or so intelligent, inquisitive, talented young people with way too much metabolic energy and put them in the same living and social space and what will you get?

Answer: Impossible to predict in advance, but our conviction is that it’s a chemistry experiment that’s eminently worth pursuing. If history is any indicator, the results will be both life-transforming and a lot of fun.


The Blount Scholars experience extends beyond the classroom and the curriculum.  As a residential honors college living and learning community, we select students who are not only academically and intellectually engaged but who view both the means and the end of such engagement as fundamentally social in nature.

One dimension of Blount social life is spontaneous and improvised.  First-year students congregate in the many common rooms of the Blount dormitory to converse, play games (board games seem to be a passion with Blount students, though we’re not exactly sure why this is so), watch movies, and engage in all manner of impromptu shenanigans.

Another dimension of Blount social life is more formal than the midnight games of Wii Sports in the second-floor lounge. We’re proud to host a multitude of Blount-exclusive student organizations and clubs. One of our student organizations, the House of the People, regularly hosts events for Blountees and friends.

Student Organizations

In Blount, student orgs and clubs are two separate entities. Student orgs are a constant presence; the three listed below are operational year after year. In comparison, the exact listing of clubs may change from year to year, as students graduate or start new ones.

The House of the People

HOP acts as the main student government for Blount (you can think of HOP as the governing body of the BSO). This organization, comprised of around sixteen members, is responsible for organizing and hosting events for Blount students. Want to learn more about HOP and meet its members? Go to the HOP page.


Blount Mentors has taken many forms over the years, but in its current state, a pair of upperclass students are assigned to a group of freshmen. These mentors edit Foundations essays for the first-years, serve as role models, and help the new Blountees adjust. Mentors also cohost orientation with Ambassadors. Want to learn more about Mentors, and meet this year’s mentors? Go to the Mentors page.


The Ambassadors are the official face of Blount. They lead tours, answer questions from prospective students, represent the program, and cohost orientation. Want to learn more about Ambassadors? Go to the Ambassadors page.

Rituals & Events

“I have learned that to be with those I like is enough”


Blount students have taken Whitman’s wise words to heart. While on the surface, it seems that a Blount Student simply leaves the University of Alabama with a liberal arts minor, the Blount program also provides a strong, driven cohort of fellow academics. But this core group of young academics always need a little socializing, and Blount has plenty of that.

All of the rituals, ceremonies, and events are optional. Although it seems unfathomable that someone might not like football at Bama, you don’t have to go to our tailgates (although we do have the only air-conditioned tailgates on the Quad). Don’t enjoy dressing up? You don’t have to come to formal. If no one wants to go to Open Mic Night, we won’t host it (but its quite entertaining when Whiting does his annual interpretive dances). Our student leadership (the House of the People, or “HOP”) try to provide a plethora of different events that can appeal to a swath of different people. That’s the best part: all of these events are hosted entirely by students.

Below are just some of the activities and events that Blount students organize and participate in each year.

Blount Formal

Each semester, the House of the People host a formal for Blountees. Typically hosted at the District Room, Blount Formal (or “Blormal”) boasts the largest attendance of any Blount event. With a night of epic tunes, cool themes, and usually an event-specific T-shirt, what’s not to love?

Open Mic Night

Just like Blormal, there’s an Open Mic Night every semester. These events are open to students and faculty. From a presentation of a handmade quilt to a solo saxophone-ukulele performance, Blountees show up in force to show our range of talents.



Mocktail happens every fall semester, and serves as a way to transition new Blountees into the program. Students from all cohorts mingle with faculty and drink themed mocktails.


Douglass Dinners

The House of the People host a biannual, catered dinner for students and faculty. Douglass Dinners are a great opportunity to network with our world-renowned professors and engage in spirited discussion. And the food is free!



Blount is lucky enough to have two buildings on the Quad, which means our tailgates are indoors. It’s difficult to realize how significant this is until you try and survive a gameday in the Alabama heat without access to air-conditioning.



You thought football season was limited to tailgates? Think again. Blount marches every year in the Homecoming Parade. Swathed in togas and laurels, Blountees are a sight to behold.



Also known as “Six Degrees” or “Murder,” Assassins is a game where each participating first-year is assigned a target whom they must “kill” by tapping in the back with a spoon. There’s no better way to destroy friendships and build new allies than a free-for-all murderfest. Watch your backs…

Boo Bash

Miss trick-or-treating? We do, too. Boo Bash happens every fall semester. It’s a way for Blountees to show off their costumes, dance the Monster Mash, and eat copious amounts of candy.


Trivia Nights

The Blount Scholars Program has a long-standing, trivia-based feud with the New College. The winner of our annual trivia night gets to keep the golden rocking horse until the next year. We must defend the golden horse!


…and More!

From film screenings to game shows, HOP makes sure all Blountees have an event they’ll enjoy. Have a great event idea? Join HOP and make it happen!