What Is A Mentor?

The Blount Student Mentors are a cohort of upper-class Blount student volunteers who help facilitate all aspects of incoming Blount students’ transition to the Blount Program and undergraduate life at UA. They provide incoming students with information, support, and role modeling to ensure their successful adaptation to college life; this comes in the form of essay proofreading sessions, mentor group bonding events, and so much more. Through their relationships with incoming students, mentors help to foster a well-adjusted and cohesive living and learning community. This year’s mentor pairs are shown below.

Faculty Lead: Dr. Toni Copeland


Fallon Austin (Major: Marketing, Minor: Religious Studies) and Claire Zimmerman (Major: Microbiology)Emma Hurst (Majors: English and Philosophy) and Michelle McCleod (Major: Biology)Chris Fortenberry (Major: History, Minor: Sports Media), and Rachel Pierce (Majors: History and Political Science)Jacob Deluca (Major: Philosophy) and RJ Pereyra (Major: Biology)Alyssa Hawkins (Major: Public Health) and Eliza May (Major: History, Minor: Anthropology)Ella Fauson (Major: Aerospace Engineering) and Olivia Schnotala (Major: Biology) Addison Miller and Tyler Posey (Major: Chemistry, Minor: Randall)Edward Bassett (Major: General Business, Minor: History), and Brandon Suerth (Major: Accounting) Emily Cohen (Major: Psychology) and Haylie Keller (Major: Physics) Kyla Collins (Majors: Public Health and Math) and Sami Skenderian (Majors: Psychology and Criminology, Minor: Biology) Morgan Burnham (Major: Educational Neuroscience, Minor: Spanish), and Kate Owens (Major: MIS)