Blount Student Organizations

Blount, in addition to having numerous clubs, boasts three main student organizations. These include the House of the People (HOP), Mentors, and Ambassadors. Don’t confuse these with the Blount Student Organization, however. The BSO is another term for the student body of Blount — once you’re in the program, you’re automatically in the BSO.

The House of the People

HOP acts as the main student government for Blount (you can think of HOP as the governing body of the BSO). This organization, comprised of around sixteen members, is responsible for organizing and hosting events for Blount students. Want to learn more about HOP and meet its members? Go to the HOP page.


Blount Mentors has taken many forms over the years, but in its current state, a pair of upperclass students are assigned to a group of freshmen. These mentors edit Foundations essays for the first-years, serve as role models, and help the new Blountees adjust. Mentors also cohost orientation with Ambassadors. Want to learn more about Mentors, and meet this year’s mentors? Go to the Mentors page.


The Ambassadors are the official face of Blount. They lead tours, answer questions from prospective students, represent the program, and cohost orientation. Want to learn more about Ambassadors? Go to the Ambassadors page.


Looking for a list of clubs instead of the student organizations? Go to the Clubs page.