As a Blount scholar, you are free to join any group on campus. However, being a Blount Student opens countless numbers of doors to unique clubs to which only Blount Students have access. Here are some of the organizations, clubs, programs, and (not) cults open only to Blount students.

The Blount Student Organization (BSO)

The Blount Student Organization is the student collaborative that works to foster student relationships and build a strong community within the Blount Scholars Program through coordinated events and outreach. This organization works in the best interest of all Blount students by fostering inclusivity, providing support and opportunities, and promoting and maintaining the academic integrity and vibrant social life of the Blount program. Every current Blount student is a part of the BSO and active participation in community is preferred. However, if you wish to cry in your room rather than achieve campus domination that is open to you as well.

The House of the People (HOP)

All active students of the University of Alabama that have been admitted into the Blount Scholars Program are members of the Blount Student Organization. To become a voting member of the executive council, a student must nominate him or herself for a particular office. A democratic vote will be taken among all active members of the Blount Scholars Program; the individuals with the greatest number of votes are elected as voting members of the Blount Student Organization Executive Board for the following academic year. If you don’t like Democracy, why don’t you come here and change it?

Email for more information.

Blount Resident Assistants (RAs)

The Resident Assistants (RAs) are not technically a Blount student group. However, we have historically arranged with Housing for them to be Blount students so that they can answer questions about the program. In the unlikely event that your RA is not a Blount student, please contact your mentor for any Blount-related questions.

Blount Student Ambassadors (BSA)

Blount Student Ambassadors is a student group within the Blount community that helps to spread the word about the Blount Scholars Program on and off-campus, recruit incoming first-year students, and build the future of Blount. Our team of ambassadors engages with high school students across the nation through recruitment events, dorm tours, personalized phone calls, and emails. They work alongside the program’s administration to improve Blount in any way they can.

An application and interview process to become an ambassador takes place formally at the end of each semester, and students are notified when the process begins via the listserv, Blount’s social media pages, and flyers in Blount buildings on campus. Students interested in being ambassadors are welcome to at any time throughout the year to gain more information.

Blount Mentors

The Blount Mentors are upper-class Blount student volunteers who help facilitate all aspects of incoming Blount students’ transition to the Blount Program and undergraduate life at UA. The mentors work under the supervision of the Director and the Assistant Director of the Blount Program to provide first-year students with information, support, and role modeling to ensure their successful adaptation to the program and the University. Mentors will help organize first-year orientation and be assigned a small group of incoming students with whom they’ll meet at regular intervals throughout the year.

The Blount Instruments

The Blount Instruments is an organization of musicians and musically-minded students within the Blount Scholars Program. Their interests range from classical to jazz to pop to experimental Baroque- Electronic fusion. With various combos and groups meeting weekly in Tuomey Hall, they welcome all students, from novice to advanced, who are interested in music. Blount also houses a music corner in the LLC that frequently fills the building with everything from intense Chopin and Bach, to off-key Christmas sing-a-longs.

Blount Literary Journal

Blount Literary Journal is the main undergraduate journal for the Blount Scholars Program. This journal publishes everything from poetry to analytical essays. Our journal is as expansive as our students want it to be. There is a reason that this journal is entirely undergraduate lead and published.  If you want to learn more about the Journal check out their own website.

Blount Poetry Collective

The Blount Poetry Collective is a club for anyone who wants to improve, develop, and hone their poetry. They meet biweekly to talk about everything from fundamentals to poets themselves and, most importantly, to write poetry. This club is open to anyone no matter their prior experience with poetry.

Check Please: The Blount Chess Club

The Blount Chess Club is a group for Blountees who want to learn or get better at chess. They meet every other week to hang out, play chess, and discuss ideas. This club is open to anyone who has a burning desire to learn or better their chess game, no matter their skill level.

Blount Fiber Fiends

One of our newest additions. Be it crochet, needlepoint, or knitting we as an academic family have both the need and tweed for your skills and interests. Blount Fiber Fiends formed from a desire of a variety of Blountees with a unique common interest of knitting. The BFFs have begun several initiatives from Toumey Tapestry Initiative and Beanies for Blount.

Not a Fiber Fiend? With the multitalented students of Blount, I am sure that you can learn

Roll Tile: Blount Mahjong

An ancient tile-based game developed in Qing China. With various variants of the game, this strategy-based game has challenged the best minds of the world. So, why shouldn’t Blount students have their minds challenged as well? Roll Tile (See we too create menial puns as well. What? they’re catchy) is hosted by one of the original founders of the Blount Program in the Blount LLC. Seriously, what could make this experience any better?

Side note: I tried to find a free picture of mahjong pieces for the graphic but for the life of me I could not find a free stock photo of mahjong pieces. So, you will have to settle with a scenic picture of China. stupid watermarks- signed a frustrated Blount web intern

The Guerrilla Art Collective

The Guerrilla Art Collective is an organization that is seeking to beautify the halls of The Blount LLC. If students are interested in creating art for display in the halls, there are ways for it to potentially be framed/hung up.

The Paper Crane Collective

The Japanese art of origami has often attracted the brightest minds. The Paper Crane Collective is the outlet that Blount students have found for that very art. Come to the weekly meetings of the Paper Crane Collective and we can easily teach you. We will easily fold you into our crew.

Blount Cineastes

Blount Film Collective is a club that Whiting is just itching to create. Somebody, please start this one. Blount has nothing against favoritism when it comes to the art of film

Blount Trivia Team

The Blount Trivia Team is a cohort of hyper knowledgeable Blount students (redundant) committed to crushing other trivia teams on campus. We must always defend the golden rocking horse.

[Your Idea Here]

If you are interested in joining any collective, club, or group, or starting a new one, please contact the Blount student organization: