BUI 100 is a one hour course that is taken along with BUI 101 and BUI 102 during the first year of the Blount curriculum. All first year Blount Scholars attend the same section. Each week a speaker is brought in to give a presentation and to answer questions. Below you can see the upcoming, current and past speaker schedules:

Fall 2017

August 28           Welcome to Program by Whiting and Dr. Keene
September 4       Labor Day Holiday
September 11      Book Signing Ceremony *meet in Oliver-Barnard*
September 18     Odyssey and St. Augustine by George McClure
September 25     Safe Zone Presentation
October 2            Evolution by Natural Selection by Deborah Keene
October9             Title IX by Beth Howard
October16           Neuoroscience and Consciousness by Benjamin Kozuch
October23           Linguistics by Mike Picone
October30           Class photo  *meet at front steps of Gorgas Library*
November 6        Dance on Film by Rebecca Saltzer
November13       Narratives by Yolanda Manora
November20      Kentuck Artist and Blountee Sydney Gruber
November27       Anthropology by Ian Brown
December 4       Worldviews Presentations by Blount Upperclass Students

Spring 2017

January 16      MLK holiday
January 23      Introduction to course by Deborah Keene/Fred Whiting
January 30      Phillis Wheatley by Cassie Smith
February 6      Walt Whitman by Nikhil Bilwakesh
February 13     “Freedom?”  Exhibit by Emily Bibb
February 20    TBA
February 27    Women writers before Virginia Woolf by Deborah Weiss
March 6           Math in the liberal arts by David Cruz-Uribe
March 13         Spring Break
March 20        class presentations
March 27        Hispanic Americans in the South by Michael Innis-Jiménez
April 3             Ways of Hearing by Andrew Dewar
April 10           class presentations
April 17           class presentations
April 24          Worldviews Presentations by Blount Scholars

Fall 2016

August 22         signing ceremony for the Blount Book of Scholars
August 29         “Introduction to Blount” by Fred Whiting
September 5    Labor Day holiday
September 12   “Evolution by Natural Selection” by Deborah Keene
September 19   “Translation” by Emily Wittman
September 26   “This Dark Road to Mercy” by Wiley Cash
October 10        “My Ancestors and My Life” by Oscar Tucker
October 24        public event with Senator Shelby in Sellers Auditorium, Bryant Conference Center, 7pm
November 7      “Langston Hughes” by Trudier Harris
November 21    Worldviews presentation

Spring 2016

January 25           “Possibilities” by Stuart Bell
February 8          “Alexis de Tocqueville” by Lawrence Kohl
February 22        “Morals in America” by Stephen Black
March 7                “Epigenetics” by Laura Reed
March 21             “Civil Rights Tour of Campus” by Jason Black
April 4                   “Harris Poll” by Gordon Black
April 18                 Utopia Panel Discussion

Fall 2015
August 24             signing ceremony for the Blount Book of Scholars
September  14     “The Odyssey” by George McClure
September 28     “The Importance of Evolution” by Bill Nye
October 12           “The Mind/body Problem” by Torin Alter
October 26           “The Declaration of Independence” by Danielle Allen
November 9         “African American education in Alabama” by Hilary Green
November 30       presentations by Worldview students