BUI 102 is typically the second course in the Blount curriculum sequence after BUI 101, although students entering the program late may begin with BUI 102. It is taken along with BUI 100.  BUI 102 continues with the same format as BUI 101 by being a small discussion-based class, however the theme changes to ‘Possibilities’ during this course. The students consider how the world could be different and how people in various disciplines throughout time wanted to change aspects of the societies they lived in. BUI 102 continues to help students learn to write analytical papers about selected readings. Please see below for a typical reading list.



John Locke

Thomas Jefferson

Martin Luther King Jr.

Abigail Adams

James Madison

Alexis de Tocqueville

Adam Smith

Karl Marx

John Stuart Mill

Virginia Woolf

Albert Camus

Malcolm X

Toni Morrison

Luigi Luca and Francesco Cavalli-Sforza

E.O. Wilson

Albert Einstein

John Berger

Margaret Atwood


Elizabeth Bishop

Walt Whitman