Thematic Cemetery

Image of a graveyard with text "what seminar will rise from the dead next?"

What is the Thematic Cemetery?

The Thematic Cemetery is essentially a database of the thematic seminars that Blount has offered since the spring of 2021, formatted as an Excel file. What purpose does this serve? Glad you asked. Prospective applicants who wish to get a sense for the kinds of classes sophomore and junior Blountees take, can get the longitudinal view of course descriptions. Alternately, Blountees writing their memoirs and struggling to remember what you were doing on a Tuesday in the fall of 2022 at 3pm can simply search through the spreadsheet. The data can be sorted using the drop-down menus at the top of each column. Ready to venture onwards, intrepid explorer? The cemetery awaits…

Note: the “start dates” in the leftmost column are placeholders to indicate which semester each course belongs to. You can sort newest to oldest by clicking the dropdown arrow at the top of column A. Dates starting in 8/1 are fall courses, 5/1 are summer courses, and 1/1 are spring courses.