Corinne Baroni

Student Mentor

Thursday at 3:00pm in the Living-Learning Center |

Major: Environmental Engineering

Minors: Blount

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Interests: Outdoor Activities, Service, Art, Food, and many more

During My First Year: If you ask me about birds, I will tell you that I do not like them. I was once ambivalent towards these flying creatures, but everything changed earlier this spring.
I was at Moundville for a SEA (student engineers in action) build. We were finishing up a fence. Our building site was a small pavilion, and in the upper left hand corner of this pavilion there was a bird’s nest. As we were measuring what would eventually become the fence posts, a baby bird fell out of the nest with a loud thud. Tragic, you must be thinking, but just listen to the rest of this story.
We spent a moment mourning the fallen fledgling before returning to our work. About 20 minutes later, when we were all engrossed in the final measurements, disaster struck.
Out of absolutely nowhere (or, more realistically, the left hand corner of the pavilion), something suddenly swooped full force into my hair. For 2 whole seconds, absolutely no one knew what was going on. Everyone was in shock until someone finally realized that the thing that had landed in my hair was the momma bird! At that moment, the momma bird started thrashing around and pecking at my head, while I simultaneously erupted into screams of “GET IT OFF!! GET IT OFFFFFFFF!!!!” and began dancing like a lunatic in an attempt to ward of the aggressive avian. Finally, my friend Ryan smacked the bird out of my head, and all was well.
I spent the rest of my day with my hood up making jokes about how “connected to nature I must be” for a bird to “land” on me but really just trying to downplay the fact that a bird either attacked me or mistook my hair for a nest… either way, ouch.