Grace Henshall

Student Mentor

Thursday at 3:00 pm in the Living-Learning Center |

Major: Political Science

Minors:  Blount, Environmental Studies, Internationals Studies

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia

Interests: sports, watching tv, reading, vines, frisbee, the crimson tide

During My First Year: One of the very first nights of school, before many people had moved in, my roommate, our friend and I were bored and decided it was time to make friends and see who else was in this weird Blount program with us. We decided the best way to do that was to have a dance party so we sent out a message and a video of us dancing to Fergalicious (what else) to the Blount groupme, to see if we could rally anyone else to join our cause. Someone told us to come to the 3rd floor lounge and dance… Turns out everyone was studying for Bio bootcamp and NOT in the mood to dance, but we (somehow) persuaded some kids to come have a dance party with us all over the building. Probably one of the best ways to start college/ make friends