Sophia Ancira

Student Mentor

Wednesday at 6:10 pm in the Living-Learning Center |

Major: Marketing and Art History

Minor: French and Blount

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama

Interests: Baking vegan* goods (*sometimes), collecting records and polaroids (not the new skinny ones, the wide square kind), and in my free time I enjoy* working out (*again, sometimes), visiting farmer’s markets and cities larger than Tuscaloosa, and volunteering at local elementary schools

During My First Year: My suitemates and I were good friends with another suite of boys down the hall, who had a non-ironic poster (from the Ferg Poster Sale) of “Beach Bums” (I am sure from the title you can imagine what this picture captured, and it was not just crude slang for homeless people living on the beach). We were gifted a smaller version of the poster after attempting to long-term “borrow” the original and assert ownership of the traditionally misogynist poster. However, our suite was also used for tours throughout the year, and every parent who walked through our doors reacted with mild to intense surprise, mostly bemused at such a poster belonging in a girl’s suite. Both posters survived the year and will continue to be housed in our respective apartments next year. Jasmine and Stephanie continue to be faceless icons (we named the models, for obvious reasons).