Riley Michlowitz

Student Mentor

Tuesday at 11:30 am in the Living-Learning Center |

Major: Creative Media

Minor: Creative Writing and Blount

Hometown: Theodore, Alabama

Interests: Reading, writing, swing dancing, crafts, hanging out with people, roller skating, bowling, socializing, and all things Disney

During My First Year: At the fall Get on Board Day I was walking back to the dorm with a fellow Blountee after looking at and speaking to every table. When I got to the Ferguson Center crosswalk headed towards Blount there were several food trucks making very greasy food. Without watching where I was stepping, I slipped on a ton of grease that was leaking out of the food trucks. I didn’t fall like any regular person, I fell in slow motion like I’m pretty sure I fell in actual slow motion. To make matters worse I got covered in grease, fell in front of at least 500 people who definitely saw me, and the guy behind me just stood over my head and said “Oh no” instead of helping me up. My friend helped me up after I almost knocked her down like a bowling pin and we walked as fast as we could to get back to the dorm so I could shower and change.