Sammy Sawyer

Student Mentor

Wednesday at 12:15 pm in Oliver-Barnard Hall |

Major: English, Economics

Minor: Blount, Italian, History

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Interests: playing tennis, playing the guitar, reading, and watching movies

During My First Year: A friend and I decided to go to a concert in Birmingham. We drove into the city and rolled up to the parking attendant only to realize that we forgot to get cash. The parking attendant said she didn’t have the card reader, so we would have to go to the Regions ATM a few blocks away. We told her we would be back in a few minutes. Four broken ATM machines, miles of circling city blocks, and a whole hour later, I got my $20 from an ATM. We returned to the parking lot to the sounds of the opening act finishing their set and the sight of a parking attendant with a card reader. I gave her the hardest $20 I had ever earned, the bill only slightly damp from my hysterical tears, and enjoyed the show.