Sarah Osucha

Student Mentor

Friday at 2:00 pm in Oliver-Barnard Hall |

Major: Chemistry and dance major (pre-med track)

Minors: Spanish and Blount

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

Interests: As I am also pre-med, I am involved with shadowing and volunteering, and I love to dance and eat food with friends in my free time.

During My First Year: One evening, I left my key in my room as I was studying down the hall and my roomate locked the door when she went to bed. I knocked on the door many times but she wasn’t waking up. I tried to pick the lock of the door with a bobby pin for about an hour (those Blount locks are super secure) then I decided to just borrow a blanket from a friend and sleep in the fourth floor lounge. It was actually quite cozy up there, until I was woken up by maintenance staff that needed to clean. Key tip: your RA will unlock your door for you once for free, use that if you need it!