Contact Us

Mailing Address

The Blount Scholars Program
2008 Oliver Barnard Hall
Box 870257
The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0257


Program Email:
Director: Fred Whiting ( or (205) 348-4875)
Assistant Director: Deborah Keene ( or (205) 348-3334)
Program Coordinator: Murrie Dixon ( or (205) 348-1706)

Contact Procedures

Different problems fall under different jurisdictions, and contacting the correct person will help you to resolve your difficulties as quickly as possible. Below is a list of problem categories and the person to contact for each. If your problem doesn’t fit one of these categories, please email Murrie (

General questions or concerns about the program

Contact the assistant director ( or the director (

Schedule a tour or speak to a current student

Contact the Blount Ambassadors ( or go to the tour scheduling page.

Problems with infrastructure in the LLC

Fill out a housing work order. If the work order is not completed or not completed to your satisfaction, contact the community director (the current CD can be found on the housing website).

Problems with registration or class scheduling questions

Contact the Blount program coordinator, Murrie Dixon (

Questions or concerns about any first-year class (BUI 100, 101, or 102)

First, contact your senior or junior fellow. If they cannot address your issue, contact the Foundations coordinator, Dr. Keene (

Questions or concerns about any upper-level class (BUI 301, 399, or 401)

First, contact your professor. If they cannot address your issue, contact Dr. Keene ( or Dr. Whiting (

Questions about any student groups

Contact the student leader of the group, or contact the HOP Director of Outreach (