As detailed on the curriculum page, all Blountees must complete three thematic seminars over the course of their sophomore and junior years. These are often called “301s” because their course code is BUI 301. Recently, Blount added the option for students to satisfy one of their thematic seminar credits through an internship (BUI 399). Blount internships are hosted by organizations on or off campus, and require 10 hours of work each week. Many internships, such as the museum internship, are self-designed and offer great experience for students. Listed below are some of the more commonly recurring Blount internships. Check out the list of upcoming courses (under “current students”) to verify whether each internship is going to be renewed for the next semester.

Past, Present, and Future Internships

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

The diversity, equity and inclusion internship experience is designed to deliver professional development, work experience, career advisement and networking opportunities for undergraduate students with diverse academic interests. This co-curricular experience will address social justice issues within diversity, equity and inclusion grounded in race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identities and, class etc. Students will have an opportunity to be a part of transformational change in the field of DEI through the construction and implementation of projects, policies and procedures.


University Museums

Interested in museums and collections? The UA Museums is home to more than 5 million objects and specimens from numerous disciplines including paleontology, entomology, history, ethnography, archaeology and more. In addition to curatorial work, active research is being conducted on many of these specimens and objects. The collections offer a wide variety of opportunities to gain experience across multiple disciplines. We will work with the student to design an internship that is interesting, fun and rewarding.


Turning Point Services


Turning Point is non-profit, social service agency that provides comprehensive support services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, empowering survivors to make productive decisions to improve their futures. Turning Point also promotes awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault in the communities it serves, and provides information geared toward preventing these forms of violence and promoting healthy relationships. Working under the supervision of the Turning Point’s Education and Outreach Coordinator, students will acquire an understanding of the diverse operations of the organization and have an opportunity to work in activities related to advertising, marketing, outreach, advocacy, and more.



More Information

Can non-Blountees do one of these internships?

Not really. Our internships are designed specifically for and with our students, which is rare. Being in Blount means you have some of the best faculty on campus backing your efforts. Whether you’re completing one of Blount’s internships or applying for graduate school, that kind of support is crucial.

How will this internship help me?

You’ll get class credit (Blount is the only program on campus that offers credit hours for an internship), rewarding experience, and strong connections with your faculty mentor.

How do I enroll in a Blount internship?

You must submit the internship application at least a week before the start of registration. You’ll be contacted if you are selected.