Studying Abroad While Being A Blount Student

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While each Blount student can seemingly argue about anything in the world (even our website) there is one thing that our students can agree on: study abroad.

Flexibility: The Blount Scholars Program allows for the flexibility for our students to see the world and gain invaluable academic experience.

The flexibility of Blount’s curriculum after the first year enables our students to participate in study abroad programs varying in length from a few weeks in the summer to semester- and year-long study.

Official Blount Courses In some semesters, Blount offers foreign study courses, such as the environmental science course “Alabama in Belize: Rainforests and Reefs.”

More frequently, Blount students take advantage of the vast array of international study opportunities available through the University’s Capstone International Center.

Did You Know that Study Abroad Credits Can Count Towards Your Blount Minor?

A Picture of Blount Students studying abroad at the University of Oxford in England

For any current Blount Student abroad here is our outline of how to get credit

  • We permit a maximum of one BUI 301 course credit.
  • Any course considered must receive UA credit.
  • Any course considered must be 3 credit hours.
  • Language courses are not eligible.
  • Internships are not eligible.
  • Any course Blount confers credit on cannot also be counted toward either a major or another minor (though it may be used to satisfy common core requirements).
  • Any course considered must meet Blount’s standards of rigor.
  • Any course considered must meet Blount’s general liberal arts orientation.  A course in actuarial accounting won’t likely count; a course in statistics, probability, and death might.
  • Students should provide a general URL to the program offering the course.
  • Students also need to provide a syllabus AS AN ATTACHMENT for any course considered.  If the program doesn’t have their syllabi in downloadable form, but only as a webpage, it’s up to the student to effectively create one by copying and pasting into a Word or pdf document.

Blountees Abroad: Student Testaments

Aidan Sullivan is currently studying abroad. Follow along as he sends dispatches throughout his time in China:

September 5, 2019: I’m starting to get settled in China. I arrived early to take a tour of Beijing and got my first taste of Asia. It was a very busy week because my study abroad program planned TONS of activities for us. My favorites were the acrobatics show and the Great Wall. The steps are beyond what you might call steep. They were taller than my knee! I’ve now been in Shanghai a little over a week and am getting used to being in class again. Each class is 3 hours long (!) which is a lot to handle, but breaks are given. I’m taking Chinese I and Chinese II as well as a Chinese cuisine class and a class about marketing principles. I’m expecting a light course load to give me time to explore Shanghai and surrounding areas! I’ve already been to the Bund, which is the area where Shanghai’s magnificent skyline is visible, a handful of times. It is breathtaking to see. I can’t wait to see what this semester brings!

So Come Aboard, Come Abroad, and Join Blount!

A Picture of a Blount Student and a Blount Professor in New Zealand