Blount, also known as the Blount Living-Learning Center, was built in 2000 and is one of the residence halls for Blount Initiative students.Because a central focus of the Blount curriculum is the study of culture (both one’s own and those of others), the program whole-heartedly endorses student study abroad.  In some semesters, Blount offers foreign study courses, such as the environmental science course “Alabama in Belize: Rainforests and Reefs.”   More frequently, Blount students take advantage of the vast array of international study opportunities available through the University’s Capstone International Center.  The flexibility of Blount’s curriculum after the first year enables our students to participate in study abroad programs varying in length from a few weeks in the summer to semester- and year-long study.  In any given year, UA students study in approximately 90 programs in 70 countries.

For more information about international travel opportunities, see the Capstone International Center’s “Study Abroad” pages.